Martin Calvino

Multimedia Artist

Public Textile Art Project

Weaving Narratives

Weaving Narratives is a public textile art project aiming to collect, record and exhibit contemporary personal narratives embedded in textile art pieces created by artist Martin Calvino.

The project intends to create an avenue for public expression through art, measuring the pulse of public opinion and sentiment across relevant topics affecting our community today. The written responses of people to questions posted by the artist will be woven into sculptural textile artworks, keeping a tangible record of public expression that can later be exhibited and talked about.

The first textile artworks to be created will incorporate written responses from the community  on  COVID-19; specifically on people’s approaches to remain HOPEFUL under the difficulty and uncertainty ought to the pandemic.



Interested individuals, institutions and businesses can sponsor the project by engaging their selves and/or the communities they serve to answer the artist’s questions on ‘hope under the pandemic’. Written responses and the associated textile artworks containing them will be shared on Instagram (@martin.calvino). Partnering institutions can subsequently request from the artist an exhibition proposal to showcase the artworks at their locations.  



Participating individuals will complete an information release form consenting to the use of their written responses as part of the artist’s production and implementation of the Weaving Narratives project.



Te x t i l e   a r t w o r k s   o f   d i f f e r e n t   s i z e s ,   s h a p e s   a n d   c o l o r s   w i l l   b e   c r e a t e d   b y   t h e   a r t i s t  in which single or multiple written responses by participating individuals will be woven into any given piece. ONLY the written responses will be included, leaving the identity (names) of persons anonymous on the artworks. The names of participating individuals will be included instead in the description of the work.

TO PARTICIPATE  >> ANSWER THE QUESTION BELOW in one sentence (50 words max.), and follow the artist on Instagram (@martin.calvino) to get updated on the project and see your response on his textile artworks.

What have helped you to remain hopeful during the pandemic?


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NOTE: Written responses sent without the completed Information Release Form won’t be taken into consideration. 

SPONSORING INSTITUTIONS: Institute for Practical Life Psychotherapy 
Institute for Practical Life offers psychotherapy services to support your recovery and emotional well-being, and contributes to the Weaving Narratives project by providing workshops on Suicide Prevention and Creative Healing. To schedule a workshop reach us at (+1) 732-610-5119.