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Suicide Prevention: HOPE


Suicide Prevention: HOPE workshop for parents and

community mental health professionals, and others.

This training is designed specifically to equip parents, lay individuals,  to recognize and address suicidal gestures.

Suicide Prevention Workshop

for Parents and Friends 

This training may also be of benefit to school administrators, counselors, and teachers, as well as first-responders, law enforcement officers, and other members of the community, who have been impacted by suicidal desperation or who have lost a friend or loved one to suicide.

By the end of the workshop parents and other supportive adults will understand how to take a proactive approach to preventing suicide, along with familiarizing themselves with the resources in their community.

The purpose of this training is to protect the health and well-being of those affected by suicidal ideation by understanding how to respond to youth who might be at risk for suicide.

Suicide Prevention: HOPE


This group meets on demand (call for details: 732 610 5119 or 908 992 1493).

Register for a single session cost

$65* USD (membership price).

Each session is 55 minutes long.

Location: Online (Zoom)

Open Enrollment


Price per session $65 USD (*Membership price. Restrictions apply, prices subject to change)

Successful enrollment!

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