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Animal Support Letter and Therapy Dog 

Individual Session 

Emotional Support Letter 

As part of the services we provide to our patients, we make recommendations  regarding supportive emotional aids that our patients need to improve their quality of life.

Many individuals with anxiety and depression benefit from having an emotional support animal available to them. 


We provide the following services  to make it possible.


  • Emotional Pet Support Letter

  • Apartment Housing Letter 

  • Air Travel ESA Letters

  • Telehealth assessment for those in need of an animal support letter.

  • Emotional Support Animal Certificate

We also provide dog therapy. A fully certified therapy dog is available to meet those individuals who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders.

Evidence-based research demonstrates that a therapy dog, who is patient and loving, can help the patient reduce his or her symptoms.  of anxiety and depression provide great companionship. Reach out to us to learn more.

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