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Anger management program

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We use a curriculum that teaches eight essential tools of anger control to participants, usually in a class or group format.

The group is highly structured; we meet regularly on a weekly basis for fifty minutes each time. 

All participants are provided with this workbook, which provides many worksheets and questionnaires to personalize and apply the tools of anger control in their daily lives. Participants are also encouraged to practice the tools between sessions and then briefly share their progress or challenges with the rest of the class. A certificate is issued at the completion of the program.

Session 1: What is Anger?

Session 2: Dimensions of Anger

Session 3: Anger Expressions/ Anger vs. Aggression

Session 4: How Your Thoughts Affect Your Anger

Session 5: Mental & Behavioral Skills

Session 6: Conflict Resolution/Calm Down techniques and creating new approaches/ Understanding the legal consequences of expressing anger in aggressive ways

Session 7: Creating win-win solutions/ Creating empathy for the other
Session 8: Making Assertive Choices This is an anger management program that addresses the needs of those that were mandated to attend classes by the court and others

Call us to register for the online sessions or to learn more about the program.

The Anger Management Program is available at Institute for Practical Life, meeting are online via Zoom, every Thursday at 5:00 pm

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