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DBT Weekly  Support Group for teens and Adults


Zoom meetings 

DBT ( Dialectic Behavioral Therapy)

It helps you when you feel like you just can't get back on your feet.

During our meetings, you learn DBT skills to help you enjoy life once again.

You can learn to treat yourself better and create harmony in your life.

This program is designed to support teens and adults who experience many of the following difficulties:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Emotion dysregulation including depression and anxiety

  • Sobriety and relapse

  • Sexual addiction

  • Disordered eating behaviors

  • Intense anger

  • Interpersonal difficulties

  • Risky and impulsive behaviors

  • Heightened emotional intensity and reactivity

  • Pervasive sense of misery and lack of meaning in life.





 Please connect Jusleine to register at (732)610-5119

Core Elements reviewed during our weekly meetings.


Emotion regulation addresses the emotional vulnerability experienced by many young
people with addiction use disorders or numbing behaviors. It promotes the patients to regulate extreme mood states.  Patients learn how to tolerate all aspects of experiencing emotions. Once patients learn to manage their extreme emotions, they became capable of lowering their vulnerability to maladaptive, self-injurious behaviors.

This module teaches patients how to tolerate difficult situations and emotional pain,
making the situation better. It is about tolerating pain skillfully without engaging


This module focuses on skills for building positive relationships and reducing conflict while maintaining self-respect.
Interpersonal Effectiveness skills help clients navigate interpersonal situations by enhancing their ability to communicate needs effectively while also staying true to who they are.

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