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"The pause" Pain Away Workshop. Perfect for dancers, and those who want to improve their health.

 The  Pain away workshop,   you need this to refresh yourself.

" The instrument through which the dance speaks is also the instrument through which life is live. The human body." Martha Graham, 1979

On demand available via Zoom Meetings.Call us to schedule your session.  


As we dance we combine athleticism with artistry. We place a lot of demands on our lower extremities leaving them at risk for musculoskeletal injuries. The extreme positions created by dancing on high-heels can lead to both acute pains, putting your feet at risk of injury.

During this, one hour workshop, you well how to refresh your feet, in ways that will improve circulation, stimulates muscles, and reduce tension, easing the pain that you might feel from hours of dancing.


During "The pause" workshop, you learn safe, effective exercises that will provide you with pain relieving benefits, giving you Happy Feet back, that are ready to walk, dance or run.


"The pause" workshop objectives:

1-Identify basic stretch and strengthening exercises for your feet and ankle to help you improve foot strength and balance.

2- Learn self-massage techniques, passive and active stretching exercises, strengthening exercises to reduce pain.


3- learn the basic to establish pelvis alignment to release psoas muscle tension,  that can contribute to foot issues such as pronation, supination, and pain.

Cost $ 65




 Please connect Jusleine to start the conversation at 732-610+5119

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